Our promise to you.

Borneman Plastering Management is committed to the complete safety and satisfaction of both our employees and our clients.  We maintain the highest of safety standards as outlined in our policy statement in accordance with the California Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

“We recognize that the safety of our employees is of the utmost importance.  The Safety Program is designed to aid employees and management in adhering to safe standards in our work place.  The ultimate company objective is to prevent accidents and injuries to all employees.

While it is the responsibility of management to maintain an effective level of compliance to safety standards, it is also the responsibility of all our employees to perform their jobs and conduct themselves in accordance with such standards.  Working together, we can insure safe and healthy conditions for all employees.  Therefore, each and every employee must be aware of, understand and participate in the Safety Program.

Our management is dedicated to the health and safety of all its employees.  To this end, we will respond to unsafe conditions or practices.  The successful operation of Borneman Plastering will depend not only on sales and service, but also on how safely each job is performed.  There is no job so important nor any service so urgent that we cannot take time to work safely.  We consider the safety of our personnel to be of prime importance, and we expect your full cooperation in making our program effective”

For further information regarding our safety standards, please contact us.