About Us

Winning on the racetrack and on the job site.

John Borneman Jr. first undertook his plastering apprenticeship (Local 346) in 1967 because he believed the trade would help support his hobby of competitive racing.  Borneman Plastering sprung from humble beginnings in 1974, after an industry labor dispute prompted John and Debbie Borneman to accept small Ďfill-iní plastering work from the back of their pick-up truck.

After the labor dispute was settled, Borneman had an already busy schedule and it seems ever since then, the business has only continued to grow in leaps and bounds.

Having a renowned reputation for keen supervision and diligent control both on and off the track, Borneman was present at every project, every day, and was always in constant contact with his many plasterers and employees as the jobs progressed.  At the end of each day, Borneman would work with his employees to help evaluate their work standards to better their performances.

This constant attention and careful planning, is how Borneman upholds the high quality of work that each of his jobs exemplifies; making Borneman Plastering a reflection of Johnís reputation, repeat work and continuing referrals from satisfied clients for over the past three decades.

Borneman has also applied his taste for danger and risk in becoming a pioneer contractor of the non-union phase of the plastering industry.  This saw many other major contractors sever their ties with the union, following Bornemanís lead.  Regardless of union exclusivity, Borneman has laid the foundations of his business from a constant roving eye, critiquing every square inch of work thatís completed.

ďI know every man, and I know every project, and I know what has to be done each and every day.  If my men present work in a less than acceptable manner, we review it, we improve it, and if those improvements arenít consistently shown, we look for alternative types of work the men can apply themselves to within the businessĒ

(John Borneman Jr.)

Speed, risk and reliability are the three most important pillars that have continued to successfully serve Borneman to go on to win five racing championships within his racing career.  And itís those same three winning combinations, that has lead to Borneman Plasteringís continued success and customer satisfaction both on the race track and on the job site.